About Us

The Pepper Eater Project started as part of Design for Extreme Affordability, a project class taught at Stanford’s d.school. Our team was started a group of Stanford Business and Engineering students.

Samuel Hamner

Sam HamnerSam is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering at Stanford. He traveled to Ethiopia twice in 2009 for the need-finding and feasibility trips, where he interviewed users during field testing, researched local manufacturing facilities, and established a network of potential project partners. Sam also has experience in biomechanics, robotics, medical devices, mechanical design, automotive engineering, software development, and manufacturing.

Scott Sadlon

Scott Sadlon

Scott earned his Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering at Stanford in June 2009. He established an assembly facility for the Berkeley-Darfur fuel-efficient cooking stove in North Darfur, Sudan in 2009 over a two-month period. During this time, he successfully managed relationships between the Darfur Stoves Project organization in the US, Oxfam America offices in Boston and Sudan, Oxfam’s local NGO partners, and local employees. Scott recently returned from a fact-finding trip to Haiti to explore the current needs for efficient solid-fuel cook stoves in the country’s reconstruction efforts.