Semi-Finalists in the Social-E Challenge

Over the past few months, our team has been busy moving forward with the Pepper Eater project. We have been digesting, distilling, and acting upon all of the feedback and observations we collected while testing our prototypes with users in Southern Ethiopia. We’ve also been presenting our work to anyone and everyone willing to listen, including Jeffery Sachs, a delegation of officials (including the mayor) from Bahir Dar, Ethiopia, and the owner of a wonderful restaurant in Oakland, Café Colucci.

The most recent development for us was being selected as semi-finalists to the Stanford Social-E Challenge! Next month we will be preparing and submitting a business/implementation plan and presenting our project to the judges for the chance at $25,000 in funding. I also want to give a shout out to two other Social-E semifinalists who are also alums from Design for Extreme Affordability: Angaza Design & Drinkwell.

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2 Responses to Semi-Finalists in the Social-E Challenge

  1. Mark Grimes says:

    Greetings Team Pepper Eater

    Very much intrigued by what you’re working on. Has elements of and reminds me of Kickstart pump, in other words, not only just an interesting and simple innovation, but provides user with a measurable and real ROI (and relatively quick at that). If all my math works based on your “Why Peppers” page, it looks like the users net income increases enough to pay for the Pepper Eater in the first 30 days, that’s brilliant.

    I’d love to read your business/implementation plan. (PS. you might consider adding a “Contact Us” area to the site navigation.

    Keep up the great work.

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  2. Fascinating product. We’d like to feature a story about The Pepper Eater in Addis Life Magazine. Please contact me.

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