Returning Home

Megan and I returned to San Francisco last week. We have started the process of unpacking all of our observations in order to start incorporating all of the feedback we received into the Pepper Eater’s design. Yesterday, with the help the’s Erica Estrada (she is starting the Social-E Lab at Stanford), we filmed a quick video to update our funders on the progress we’ve made so far. We tell a couple stories from the trip, so check it out!

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1 Response to Returning Home

  1. I have been folowing your idea on helping to improve Ethiopian women food preparation conditions. I would like to discuss both of the products you designed the mighty Mitad and the Pepper Eater. I travel to Ethiopia often and witness the hardship women face personally.
    I am in the process of setting up an organic spice processing facility for my restaurant and webstore located in Oakland, CA and
    Household work is very difficult and your products can help women of Ethiopia avoid back-breaking work. I can assist you in providing family sponsors from Europe and the US to purchase these products and donate to those who can’t afford it.

    Please contact me at your earliest as I will be traveling to Ethiopia on November 18, 2009. Also, if you need additional information on the ground I will be glad to volunteer and assit you.
    Thank you,


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