Roggie Village: HOPE Enterprises

The next morning we again hit the road for Roggie, a very small village near Arsi Neggelle, where we had also left 2 prototypes the week before. Roggie was not accessible with our small car, so we parked it at the main road and started the 5-km walk. HOPE Enterprises and Menlo Park Presbyterian Church have helped build a school in Roggie, which is nestled above Shala Lake (the deepest lake in Ethiopia). As we made our way to Roggie we had gorgeous views of the Ethiopian countryside.

When we arrived, school was in session! There were 300 hundred children in the school yard, all dressed in blue uniforms. After getting feedback from a group of women from the village, we visited each of the class rooms, grades K through 5. As we went from each classroom, moving up in grade level, the students’ English got better and better, and by the end we were getting full on greetings from the class in English.

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