Awassa: The Berbere Processing Co-op

Our final stop was in Awassa, where we were meeting with SOS, a project that helps women cooperatives start projects for income generations. Three of the co-ops SOS has helped start process berbere to add-value and sell back into the market. When we arrived, there were three women in brown uniforms sorting peppers based on their color. We learned from them that peppers with a white or yellow discoloration had a fungus, and would affect the quality of the final product. This was definitely the first time we had seen any sort of quality control in pepper processing. They then took us into their production facility, which had a planned layout to help the flow of the pepper production. It turned out that SOS had contracted a food & agricultural scientist to help design and implement the pepper processing facility.  But yet again, we were told that these women like the concept of the Pepper Eater, but it was too small to meet their needs. We left our final prototype with SOS, who will take it around to their other co-ops, and then return feedback to us after we return home.

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